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Our Goal

To create innovative websites that are affordable, clean, original and able to serve our clients and their target audiences effectively.

Available Features

  • Message Boards / Forums
  • Blogs
  • E-mail Service
  • Photo Gallery Pages
  • Integrated Image Galleries
  • Custom Contact Forms
  • Audio & Video Integration
  • Twitter Integration
  • Facebook Integration
  • Flash or HTML Designs
  • Online Stores**
  • Shaka Dula Designs Hosting Plan*
  • Help finding a Hosting Company †

The nature of our society, and the Internet in particular, makes it necessary for the content of your online presence to grab the attention of your target audience quickly, lest they surf and take any potential business along with them.

We know that designing and uploading a webpage can be complex work. From deciding your Service Provider and layout to your content and features, there are many variables to consider.

We will help you find a solution that suits your particular needs, while avoiding the common pitfalls!

At Shaka Dula Designs, all of our web pages are created from scratch, so we design the look of your page to fit your needs. We provide designs using Flash or HTML and can embed a myriad of custom or pre-existing, specialized scripts into your page to run virtually any app that you require. From Facebook to Twitter to News tickers, we can prepare your web page to be versatile and modern. Your only limitation is your imagination!

All images and banners are created specifically for your website with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Additionally, each client determines the level of website support they need. From the initial design to hosting, maintaining and updating the page, each service package is customizable.

Our pride comes in designing clean, efficient and good looking web pages that meet our client's every need.

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* = Prices of Shaka Dula Designs Hosting Plans vary.

** = Online stores vary in prices depending on scope of work and size of store

† = Additional fee for this service